Go Deeper

Chosen by GOD the FATHER Saved by JESUS Empowered by HOLY GHOST The Rest is Up to US!!

Wondering why you have not experienced much change since accepting Christ? Did you anticipate you would resemble Jesus immediately? It is undeniable that your Spirit has been renewed when you accepted Christ. There is a possibility your heart and mind have not experienced much change. Renewing your mind and cleansing your heart is a process. The Holy Spirit empowers us to live like Christ. It is our responsibility to live according to the Word. Before we accepted Christ we made incorrect choices that manufactured debris that occupies within our heart. In order for transformation to be complete a purging of the heart needs to be done. Father God chose us, Jesus saved us, the Holy Ghost enables us. The rest is up to US. His Heart in Mine will help quicken the process along. His Heart in Mine identifies the need to remove hurts, bitterness, unforgiveness, wrong attitudes, motives and strongholds. A purified heart is aligned with God’s intent for life. Purchase a copy of His Heart in Mine NOW and receive a free pdf Study Aid for an in-depth study. Want to go deeper still? Sign up for HH Discipleship 1 on 1 and receive personalized communications to your answers, comments, questions and concerns via internet.

Overcome Life’s Storms

jesus calling peter.jpgThe Lord is able to bring us through any storm we face in life. The way to victory is to keep our eyes fixed upon Him. Peter began to walk on water in the midst of a storm. It is when his eyes left Jesus and he looked at the fierce storm that surrounded him it was then he began to fall. Even though Jesus was right there offering him help he had doubt in His saving power. Victory over the storm was readily available and extended towards him. A miracle was in his reach in spite of the storm’s intensity. The only thing needed was for him to trust in what Christ said. He could have walked on water and reached the other side. If we fall down give yourself grace. Peter fell a few times before he got up and went on to establish the first Church. Peter denied Christ three times before he was able to deny his feelings and walk in the strength and power of Christ.