Action Speaks Louder than Words


Are you deciding which candidate to vote for by their words or their actions? Actions speak louder than words. Words are important and can be revealing but it is a person’s actions that show what they ultimately decided. Words can be carelessly spoken but an action is a deliberate endeavor. Have we not all uttered words we have regretted. Words are sometimes spoken to impress another or influence them to a false notion. Words can be disputed but actions hold the evidence. To take offense from a statement made without taking into consideration the person’s actions is an injustice since the intent behind the statement cannot be seen. The words people say loosely are not always perceived fairly. Politicians gear their words around political correctness. Politically correct words are well thought out words that covers up the truth of a matter. The dishonesty of political correctness has corrupted life in America. It is truth that will restore greatness to America. Vote for America’s future.