Follow Christ to the Promised Land

God invites all of us to enter and live life abundant in the Promised Land. Do we know how to get there?

The book of Exodus tells us the Promised Land flows richly with milk and honey.

Today this means to us a place of rest, peace and joy.

Moses led God’s chosen people forty years thorough the desert in search of the Promised Land.

The Lord’s parted the red sea and delivered them from Egypt.

Yet they still were not at ease murmuring and complaining.

Their journey through the desert into the Promised Land should have taken 11 days.

The wrong mindset lengthened their trip forty years.

Moses the leader God chose to deliver his people from bondage.

He too like the rest except for Joshua and Caleb were not allowed to enter into the Promised Land.

Moses who over and over again did what was asked of him.

When striking the rock for the second time he did not follow the specific instructions the Lord gave Him forfeiting the means to enter in.

Joshua and Caleb believed and followed God completely enabling them to enter.

Whatever obstacle was seen or giants they faced was not as big to them as what God had said.

Their belief in God’s Word was greater and therefore conquered all that was against them.

It was their deliberate obedience and faith that got them there.

Although Moses did not lose his salvation and received eternal life he did not arrive at the Promised Land filled with joy and peace.

It is the same for us today our eternal life is promised and sealed.

However quite often the abundant life available is not in use.

The Lord wants to lead each of us out of (the desert) our spiritual bondage and into His peace and joy the Promised Land.

As we just seen the only way in is with complete trust and obedience in the Word.

Let us follow all of God’s commands in order that we receive all of His blessings.

Enjoying peace, joy and rest in Him. Amen

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