Excerpt from Chapter 1 – The Heart of the Matter

The essence of life is found in the human heart. God’s mission with each believer is the renewal of their heart. His intention is for us to be utterly filled and function with the love of God. What shape is your heart in? Has your heart become shattered or broken? Does your heart need to be renewed?

God will allow us to be tested. He authorizes a testing to show us what is within our human heart. The test shows us where there is a need for an adjustment in our attitude. This reveals our strengths and weaknesses. It also shows us the frailness of our humanity and our deep need for God.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 – Restoring a Broken Heart

In full submission to God we can receive His healing touch. By humbling ourselves before Almighty God we are given His perspective and are able to release any bitterness or hidden strongholds. The power of forgiveness will transform our heart in which we are no longer weighted down by the liability of sin and free to clearly hear and follow God. This will lead us to function in our full potential and reach the divine plan He predestined for us.

Excerpt from Chapter 7 – Courage

There is nothing that escapes God’s knowledge and consent. Anything that comes into your life, even a hard circumstance, God has allowed. He has a purpose and a plan in all things. Everything God has created has a meaning for its existence. In His plan is the provision needed to fulfill what He has purposed for your life. There is no need to be anxious or fearful.

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