God encourages each of us to trust Him deep in the core of our being. He expects us to relinquish ourselves totally unto Him.

As we surrender, drawing closer to the Creator, He forms a fresh heart within us. This conversion from within brings favorable and lasting change.

Securing Victory when facing trouble

Staying close to God and not the details of the trial is our path to victory! When trouble comes secure a triumphant outcome and Walk in the Spirit, not the flesh. React by focusing on the Lord and not allow the scorching trial that has come to steal all that is good. It is your faith and identity in Christ the enemy has come for.
In Christ, we have a Redeemer. In Christ, every problem is covered. In Christ, each life is valued and paid for. Centered in Christ, we are authorized to cast our care on the Lord and not be overwhelmed by the natural concerns of the matter. It is harmful to concentrate on the bad and chance quenching the Spirit. We are to be Spiritual Minded using weapons of warfare. Our faith and prayers have power to overcome and out maneuver the plans of the enemy. God is good and greater than any problem or sickness and disease that exists. The faithful receive His Strength and Power! Remaining in Christ we are Victorious!!!

1 Corinthians 15:57
But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus