Love of God

God’s Heart

A Reflection of a Heart Overflowing with the Love of God

The main objective of this book is to give insight to what is of most importance in everyone’s life. His Heart in Mine identifies the issues of man’s heart. The manuscript overflows with encouragement for total surrender allowing the heart of Christ to shine in the believer. It enlightens the reader from allowing the hard things of life to harden their heart and derail them from the purpose in which they were created. So many are in search of their purpose and not aware of the path to find it. When the Word of God is applied, it will bring clarity to all issues. The text discusses recovery for the broken heartened and protection from further heartbreak. This topic is relevant for discussion since everyone has experienced the feeling of a broken heart. The intent is to inspire each reader to incorporate divine guidance into their everyday living. The hope is to spark within a desire to gain knowledge of their unique purpose which demonstrates the way to total fulfillment. Those who are in search of a good life and are open to receive the deep truths from these powerful lessons will be forever changed.

Hardcover or Softcover